Zingara 2


She tried to let the magic take her, to surrender so completely to the hypnotic lull of the moon, that she wouldn’t feel anything.  Nothing but the call she had ignored all her life.  She knew she didn’t belong here.  Didn’t fit…awkwardly and haphazardly thrown into this existence without a thought it seemed.  She cleared a spot and sat Indian style on the ground attempting to clear her chaotic mind.  Stilling her thoughts, she began to drift into alpha, concentrating her inner gaze upon her third eye.  Her soul blossomed, the petals like that of a lotus pushing past the sorrow, pain and doubt unfurling despite… to exist, to simply be, without the ability to recognize its own beauty.   She could sense movement, the sounds of things passing by, air swooshing by her face.  She frowned slightly, half still in alpha, the rest of her wondering what… the…. hell.  She felt a surge of energy, heat rush towards her face, enveloping her body.  She sunk into the womb like embrace that held her back from opening her eyes, relieved to relinquish what little control she had left… to the void.  

The force knocked the wind from her body.  Opening her eyes, all she could see was bright light and a stone floor. 

to be continued


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