slow the fuck down – the sequel

so since this is the sequel, yes, you’ve guessed it, there was a first one, and that means my tribe, that although i was listening, i’ve been doing shite at implementing.  i guess it’s not an excuse that i grew up in the nyc, where a ny minute meant something.  you had to rush to do everything. there weren’t enough hours in a day, and there still does not seem to be. this enlightenment shit is a full time job, and although i am on a mountaintop in puerto rico, best believe my ass is keeping busy, when i’m not letting epiphanies such as this one smack me upside the head.  so what’s the deal with the impatience?  


i believe that i think i’m going to miss it.  whatever ‘it’ is, my chance to be of service, to matter, to count, to get in line for the rescue vessels?  (don’t laugh, ever seen ‘the day after tomorrow’)  dammit, I don’t want to miss IT… but here’s the thing.  

i won’t miss what’s mine.  

pausing for a second so that all layers of my being get that.  i keep offering to be of service, and no-one has accepted yet, maybe it’s not time yet, maybe i’m doing exactly what i’m supposed to be doing, maybe i should keep doing it, and stop rushing the universe and i so in that case…

I need (yes NEED) to dance more.

because i’m happy when i’m singing and dancing and maybe it really all is about raising the vibration to be in sync with the universe and maybe i’m doing my best and i should heed the universe when it so lovingly tells me to…

slow the fuck down!!!  

p.s. yea i’m not feeling capital letters today <shrugs> so going with the flow… sat nam lovelies… leave your siSTAR some of your thoughts.  i really do want to hear them.



2 thoughts on “slow the fuck down – the sequel

  1. Great post and so timely as we move into the mass hysteria known as “christmas”. Do less, be more and by be more I do not mean to add anything top our plate, to our being…I mean to spend more time not doing, or at least not the constant dance of striving to be more, do more, have more, give more, etc. You got it when you said you won’t miss on what it yours. If it is yours to do/be/have it will be.The saying “timing is everything” while a bit of hyperbole, makes a good point that sometimes we just need to chill and give things time to develop. “To everything there is a time and purpose…”. Blessings on your journey, take time to dance and smell the roses.

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    1. yanno, Kim, I so look forward to your comments. I really do. As ‘we’ tentatively take our baby steps into the unknown as the universe beckons us to our purpose, using joy as our guiding force, it’s so easy to second guess and doubt yourself. We’re a society so used to needing the masses to approve, we’ve lost touch with our inner guidance system. Thank you so much, yes, breath… be still and kno that I am God/dess, universe, source.. how poignant was THAT? you are much appreciated!!! sat nam siSTAR!


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