born again


what to say about now being me?

i am more than ever authentically me

that the passion rides my skin, like the waves ride the sea?

that though alone, but not lonely, my wings now fly free…

what to say about the challenges that no more define me?

how hard it has been or the pleasure life brings…

should I tell you of woes, heartache, tears and goodbyes?

should I smile, slowly and rapturously with my eyes

would I complain of scars left from stumbling through trials?

or rather dance, shake my ass, vibrantly alive.

I won’t say that it’s easy, or without prickly pain

but I will say that truly t’was not done in vain

do I feel old?? take a long look at me

I now adore my skin, the face looking at me

I have a home in this body you look at and see

So no I don’t mind, mind now being me

In the eternal definition, I am a spiritual baby.


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