longing for gaia

walking through the woods, the forest and the trees

...Is where my spirit yearns and hungers to be free

a blanket of darkness to caress and hide my soul

to lose myself in the depths of shadows so familiar and yet so old

 you would think that the loneliness of my solitude would do me in

there you'd be mistaken, my adventure and life would just begin

there has to be more to this life, than paying the monthly bills

i've tried, yearned, learned, read written, painted to my fill.

Image result for fairy forest

 and yet

 there has to be more, more I haven't found

like an elusive butterfly, won't be kept and won't be bound

i have to keep this faith, in these magical beings

for if i lose this belief then what wonder would life bring?

 so forgive me if my mind wanders

onto brighter, more mystical things

if I seem not to pay attention

to the worlds trivial mundane mutterings


for wouldn't it be grand

if i came and took u by the hand

leading you to the moonlit silvery lake

where festivities of fairies we would partake.

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