universe has jokes

damnit, it’s THESE moments. this was REAL, we had HAD it with trying to pose and busted out laughing.. my dad said LOOK AT ME, and there it was.  WOW.  

in a state of awe.  feel a little dumbfounded. this feeling, the one that made me go act like a caramel colored silly muppet on fb live just now,  is the shit i’ve been chasing my whole life. OH that’s what it feels like to be in the flow, it’s THOSE moments, the ones where you wonder what the fuck jumped into you, there is no explanation for the moments of pure authenticity with no regard for anything else but …. It’s a fucking spirigasm.  OH, that’s so funny, I’ve always felt like a pure idiot when I ‘do’ that, and THAT is the ‘it’ ???? 

UM yea.. <smh> the universe has GOT jokes.  oh wow… oh yea I’m about to embrace the art of being uncomfortable… there goes that comfie comfort zone.  fuck. 


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