perfect little conduits of universe

channels of the stardust in the sky

gazing upon your countenances

silences my protests as to why

naught could have been different

pass not those cups from my lips

for to change one tiny circumstance

would have been to sacrifice you, as is

each tiny little finger and toesie

the creases and dimples of your skin

you wrapped agape love around me

never cared to notice all my sins

the shadows at my shoulders

did not give you any pause

saw only the resplendent light

eyes, alight with love, of course

you have gifted me eternal

with love, so deep and pure

for you, I cleanse our lineage

and leave your path secure. 

Shanti Shaharazade Texeira

The Hood Hippy


2 thoughts on “stardust

  1. Love this. May your path to wholeness be assured and the healing of the lineage be done. Blessings on your path and that of your beloveds.


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