talk to me

there has been a mantle of silence fastened around my mouth for as long as I can remember.

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admonishments to not talk, not tell stories, not carry tales and only speak when spoken too.  carrying tales (telling others what went on in our house) was a punishable offense.  I had no one to talk to and therefore had no basis for comparison.  i grew up thinking this way of life was normal until i ran away and began to hear the stories from other wanderers, other invisible children who had escaped so that they too may open their mouths and spew forth all the darkness that was trapped inside, stuffed down, growing… festering…becoming a part of their/our very foundations.  we learned not to talk, not to vent our fears, anxieties, and frustrations.  the problem with darkness is that…

it breeds. 

without the light and air it gains a foothold.  begins to spread like a cancer, infecting everything in its wake.  shadowing what once was light, what once was good and functional.  it infects others and perpetuates lineages of abuse, molestation, and deep rooted pain. 

we must talk

a dialogue

ask questions, heal, let the darkness out, give a wide berth to the pain, embrace the very real possibility that if we were taught differently we might have chosen differently.  but,

it happened for a reason.

we are here for a reason.

we matter.

we can use our voice to prepare the generations that follow to DIALOGUE.

communication is imperative for the eradication of abuse.


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