an excerpt from ‘meant to be here’

The reflection I see in your eyes is not pretty or loved. Not wanted or needed. Empty space. Lost in the darkness. Yes, you’re right, you’ve always been right.  I wasn’t meant to be born.  And in the very deepest corner of the abyss hidden behind the taunting visages of demons cackling at my pain, I finally…

Believe you.

You won.

Now let me die (page 51).

Shaharazade, Shanti. Meant to be Here. 1st ed. 2017. Print.

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2 thoughts on “an excerpt from ‘meant to be here’

  1. OUCH!!! Such demented cruelty from one who was supposed to love and care for you. I hope you realize those words which crushed your young heart were lies born in the field of pain and abuse that she was raised in, and the women and men before her. Not that it hurts less, not that it corrects the behaviors that brought more pain, but that you finally realize that there was a bigger reason than a biological accident that brought you here. You were “meant to be here.” While the human being (????) that worked as a channel for your presence may not have wanted you here…something far greater was at work. May you find all you need to heal those scars and deal with the damage done so you can shine forth and live, love and laugh in joy!

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    1. Writing this book has been a far more intense experience that I ever thought it would be. I have always written in my life, for pleasure, for passionate release, never to alchemize a traumatic experience and serve up love to anyone who needs it. This is brand new for me and I welcome processing these deep emotions. I am always honored to read your words and to know that someone is feeling what universe wants to express through me. I love you.


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