thank you Rachel (Annmarie Skin Care)

Some of you know that I’m on top of a mountain in Puerto Rico perusing my Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in children and adolescents. I graduate 7/1/18.  Yes, that itself would be a personal accomplishment, but I’m also writing a book, “Meant to be Here”, about the 2 years I spent in and out of psych hospitals with suicidal depression.  Off 11 medications, with no sign of depression or the panic attacks that have plagued me since 1991, I am back to being unapologetically me.

One thing I’ve learned on this journey however, is self-love, to invest much passion and tenderness for the physical beings we are, having a spiritual journey on this journey of peaks and valleys. I began my research into essential oils after being drawn to Doterra’s lavender, which is far gentler and much more noninvasive than taking Ambien.   

I had tried AnnMarie Gianni’s acne prone face care and fell in love with her facial oil, which was light and smelled heavenly.  There was a lot of acne to be had after two years on and out of psych hospitals with NO desire to care for my face or skin.  I decided to try their essential oils and tried the love/passion blends.  I, not used to the quality of essential oils and fresh from a world where pricey means quantity not quality balked when the tiny bottles arrived. Surely there must be a mistake.  The tiny bottles were not even full?? Whut??


How can I even think of proposing that inner city young mothers try to shift over from toxic chemicals to natural remedies if I a single woman still on a strict budget could not afford them??

So, I wrote them and received a missive from Rachel.  Rachel explained that they used a special little device to ensure the amount they sent.  I asked her if they were meant to smell so mild, hardly perceptible.  She offered to send out another sample. I thanked her for her patience.  This woman answered every question tirelessly, patiently.

The second batch arrived and the love was much more powerful now. It resonated entirely.  The passion seems much subtler than the love, but I can say with absolute certainty that this is a company on my ‘vendors’ to adore list, once the vortex makes a deposit in my checking account. 

Now that more time has passed since I’ve used any artificial perfumes and have gone from fragrance sprays to all essential oils. I am beginning to detect notes and nuances in Gaia’s natural gifts.

This is my appreciation note to Rachel, for bringing it when it came to customer service, something I so revere and is somehow quite lacking in today’s world. 



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