blurred edges

her hand trailed the ground as she sat, eyes closed, surrendered to gaia.  she let down her guard becoming one with the energy that surged around and through her. 

she had just begun to truly realize the journey on a visceral level, and it was with her true being that she leaned into that which she still didn’t understand but had faith in, and let go.  allowing her edges to blur and fade into that which was bigger than her. 

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she witnessed the decimation of the societal box in her mind’s eye and allowed herself to expand…

past the limits of her human vehicle

past the edges of comfort

there was a blending of her and the other.  a shifting of perception to an omnipresent perspective. 

she was soaring on the wings of spirit.  she forgot to be afraid.

it lasted longer this time than the last. 

she was learning.

she was expanding

it had made those around her uncomfortable.

and still she couldn’t return to mediocrity…

this was it.

the beginning and the end. the alpha and the omega.

the eyes of the goddess within…opened.


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