awakening to my human existence

inside,  I find fearful persistence

at times doth hide, oh yes tis

my precious, the ego, the snake

that creeps in so softly

preceding mistakes

Image result for words coming out of someone's mouth

sobbing, sobbing on my

self-pitying throne

oh woe is me, I feel all alone

t’was what little “i” would have us

believe…. hiding, scared

so fearful,  deceived …by the

skewed perceptions

perceived self-transgressions while

weighted down with

pain, sorrow, protection

and woes

till the veil thins enough

and our senses implode

Oh shit, oh my, what did I do

in my darkness…  to myself,

i was sorrowfully untrue

i could, should, would have spoken

up and desisted

when to my own soul utterings 

I resisted.

(deep breath)

I come now…

to this place…

covered by source’s redeeming grace

in the depth of the is’ness’

tis naught but mundane murky business

of this temporal  human experience

little to do with our innate soul’s brilliance

shanti shaharazade


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