exploring the edges…

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wanting to lighten the load
anticipating the clues, unfolding
this unfamiliar road is too a part of me
overgrown beautiful chaos as far as the eyes can … 
me, and know that I’m rising
you saw me lying on the ground
thought I’d surrendered every round
just had to catch my breath and gather
my fortitude to face the nasty weather
of exploring the strange new edges
outside the comfortable stagnant recesses 
of my mind… 
and still I find… 
that I choose 
abandon the comfort
of my old friend fear
purging the darkness
that lay stagnant under there… 
emptiness reaches its fingers
into the recesses of my soul
shivering from the unknown
no heed paid to the cold 
of traveling onto roads 
where I don’t know the way
but finally, I realize that on my road
less traveled, it’s my road to pave.

Published by: Shanti Shaharazade

Told to write it all down, I do, finally. It took me from 1991 to now, to surrender to Universe/God/dess (insert name of choice) and to embrace this path with my soul wide open. I love sharing all of my journey with young people to demonstrate that it is possible to choose the light constantly even when face to face with your own darkness. I've used a variety of tools to shed ego's protective barriers like onion layers. I am determined to share the journey, tools and encouragement, being the change I want in the world. If something resonates, touches you, please share, it could do the same for another. Also feel free to share your thoughts, opinions or to voice your disagreement, all points of view are welcome and appreciated, at worst we can agree to disagree. Thank you for stopping by!!! Sat Nam


2 thoughts on “exploring the edges…”

  1. Glad you weathered the ravages of the storms in PR, are back in the States, hammering away at finding where you will take your next step. I’m in the same boat, possibly going in a very different direction on the outside but it’s the same inside, the quest for the Grail….the heroine’s journey to find our rightful way of living, being and sharing in this world at this time. Blessings!!!

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    1. thank you so much. it was indeed an experience. i miss you, how are you?? what’s going on?? yes, it is truly the quest for the grail, to find out and finally ascertain how best to be of service. hugs you. i’m glad you’re on the planet with me.


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