ingesting power pellets from the past


Blessed to have had an amazing conversation today with a siSTAR/goddess that also makes the arena her home.  I’m predominately focused on what I’m creating hardly ever glancing back.  However, there’s a difference between looking back with the energy of gratitude vs. the energy of the poor-me’s.  Today I had occasion to delve back into some of the crazy ass circumstances I have survived.  I forgot how many skirmishes I have had, and how many miracles I have been blessed to receive in my life.  I was reminded why I am called to be an ambassador for at-risk teenagers, and why that is the greatest motivation of my life besides self-love and leaving a legacy for my children and grandpeeps.  It has been so long, since I glanced back at the years I was a teenage runaway in the NYC.  How could I have forgotten the crazy ass experiences I had.  Shireen gifted me with loving inquisitiveness and held a beautiful space for me whist I shared maybe 1% of all that happened.  It served a few monumental purposes.  I remembered a promise I made to that wounded young girl that used to gaze back at me from the mirror.  A promise that I have every intention of keeping, AND, it refueled my passion to help kids who are at-risk.  There was hardly any pain in the recounting of the memories which demonstrated the healing that has taken place (through A LOT of work and MANY miracles), there were such surges of gratitude for every crisis averted or circumvented. 

past 2

Sometimes a look back is an exercise in increasing faith, fortitude and motivation…

Sometimes a look back with an empowered universal sibling is what is needed to be reinfused with reclaimed power once left behind.  

Sometimes the memories are amazing testimonies to realizing that indeed if we’re still here, we’re meant 2b here.

Reclaiming power from the past.  Wow, who’d thunk it was possible, but it is and it was. 

Thank you Shireen! 


Published by: Shanti Shaharazade

Told to write it all down, I do, finally. It took me from 1991 to now, to surrender to Universe/God/dess (insert name of choice) and to embrace this path with my soul wide open. I love sharing all of my journey with young people to demonstrate that it is possible to choose the light constantly even when face to face with your own darkness. I've used a variety of tools to shed ego's protective barriers like onion layers. I am determined to share the journey, tools and encouragement, being the change I want in the world. If something resonates, touches you, please share, it could do the same for another. Also feel free to share your thoughts, opinions or to voice your disagreement, all points of view are welcome and appreciated, at worst we can agree to disagree. Thank you for stopping by!!! Sat Nam

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