Bent not Broken – Cleaning up our DNA

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I think perhaps more than I breathe. My mind works on issues, solutions, problems as quickly as child geniuses used to solve the ‘Rubik’s Cube’. So, I was thinking, what if I am not privy to the whole story behind the dysfunction of the women in my family. My matriarchal lineage, because as I look at my cousins, examine the behavior of my aunt’s, the animosity displayed clearly to each other without reservations or explanations, I realized there had to be more to this story.

So as a great archaeologist such well as Indiana Jones would do I began to look for clues. Context clues led me to a few hypotheses about the life that my ancestors had in Guyana that may have shaped their sadness and desperation. Oh wait, damn, yes I had judged them and thought they were OUT of their minds. What the hell could have possibly…

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Published by: Shanti Shaharazade

Told to write it all down, I do, finally. It took me from 1991 to now, to surrender to Universe/God/dess (insert name of choice) and to embrace this path with my soul wide open. I love sharing all of my journey with young people to demonstrate that it is possible to choose the light constantly even when face to face with your own darkness. I've used a variety of tools to shed ego's protective barriers like onion layers. I am determined to share the journey, tools and encouragement, being the change I want in the world. If something resonates, touches you, please share, it could do the same for another. Also feel free to share your thoughts, opinions or to voice your disagreement, all points of view are welcome and appreciated, at worst we can agree to disagree. Thank you for stopping by!!! Sat Nam

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